Are you looking for an alternative to a Post-Bac program?  Have you already applied and discovered you need to strengthen your application?  The Bridge Pathway may be the answer.   It provides DDS applicants with a weak academic profile a chance to enroll in Dental Hygiene. This allows you to prove yourself while preparing for dental school.  There is no waiting list for qualified applicants, contact us today.  The application deadline for DH to DDS Bridge is June 1st.                  


  • Priority consideration given for the DDS program after Bridge Pathway
  • Not required to re-take old sciences
  • Not required to re-take their DAT if Academic Average is 17 or higher
  • Acquire valuable skills and a career if not accepted into dental school
  • Be better prepared for the dental program

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • DDS Science Pre-requisites with a GPA of 2.7
  • DAT with a score of 17
  • DH Pre-requisites with a GPA of 2.5
  • Successful completion of the DH program at LLUSD
  • Apply through AADSAS before second year of DH program

Dentistry Pre-requisites

  • General Biology - one year with lab              
  • General Chemistry - one year with lab         
  • Organic Chemistry - one year with lab                     
  • Biochemistry - one semester or two quarters                      
  • General Physics – one year with lab
  • English Composition one year

Dental Hygiene Pre-requisites

  • Anatomy and Physiology I & II with Lab                                   
  • Microbiology with Lab                                                                      
  • College Math
  • Cultural Anthropology/Diversity
  • Humanities 16 quarter/11 semester units, 3 content areas required:
    • History/Civilization
    • Art History & Appreciation
    • Music History & Appreciation
    • Performing Arts (4 units max)
    • Literature
    • Foreign Language
    • Philosophy/Ethics/Religion
  • General Psychology                                       
  • Intro to Sociology                              
  • Speech            
  • Personal Health or Nutrition
  • P.E. - two activity courses     

Science prerequisite courses must be in-person, and we do not accept AP science prerequisite courses for Dentistry or Dental Hygiene

How to Apply

All applicants must apply online at and fill out the DHCAS between November 1 and June 1.

Based on the review of the application, transcripts and recommendation letters, applicants may be invited to LLUSD for a personal interview.

National Board Exam

Upon successful completion of the Dental Hygiene program, all students are required to pass National and State or Regional practical exams.

Financial Aid

A financial aid advisor and financial aid programs are available, please contact 909–558–4509 or email Website information can be located at