Center for Dental Research

  • Biocompatibility, or biological properties, of dental materials
  • Biological, pharmacological and toxicological effects of fluoride
  • Development of standard procedures and methods for biocompatibility evaluation of dental materials
  • Evaluation of biocompatibility per ISO 7405, ISO 10993 series, and ANSI/ADA Specification No. 41, including cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, oral mucous membrane irritation, skin irritation and intracutaneous reactivity, sensitization potential, acute and subchronic systemic toxicity, local effects after implantation, and various usage tests for pulp and dentin responses
  • Laboratory evaluation of dentifrice and mouth rinse, including fluoride availability (free and total) and stability, remineralization/demineralization, and fluoride uptake in enamel
  • Surface characterization and analysis of enamel, dentin and dental materials
  • Fluoride analysis of various samples, including biological specimens
  • Evaluation of antimicrobial activities of materials, agents and products, using diffusion and suspension methods as well as determination of MIC, MBC and Kill Time