The Office of Academic Affairs

The central role of the Office of Academic Affairs is to maintain an inward vigilance toward the fulfillment of the School of Dentistry’s educational mission.  The office is specifically charged with the oversight of the School’s dental hygiene and dental programs.  It fulfills this responsibility by working in concert with University leaders, School administrators, faculty, and staff to develop, implement, review and evaluate the academic and clinical programs.  The office ensures all dental education programs maintain their fully accredited status, administer academic policies for the school, monitors and oversees matters of registration, management of various curricula, academic scheduling, and conducting regular assessment of all academic programs to assure desired outcomes.

Academic Policies

University and School of Dentistry Policies



Predoctoral students in the four-year traditional program complete 246.5 course units in the program. Courses during the first two years encompass the basic sciences, infection control, human function, diagnostic skills, research and evidence-based decision making, human behavior, and preclinical courses, many with laboratory components. During the D3 and D4 years, students continue their education, which is primarily in clinical courses. Predoctoral students also are responsible for completing laboratory requirements in which they practice preclinical skills in the D1 and D2 years. In the D3 and D4 years, students are required to engage in patient care in the clinic and in service learning settings.

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Loma Linda University School of Dentistry accepts 24 qualified foreign-trained dentists each year into its International Dentist Program (IDP). Successful applicants must have passed Parts I and II of the National Dental Board Examination and a dexterity test. This two-year program is designed for dentists who have earned their dental degree from schools outside the United States who wish to augment their training to become eligible for licensure in the United States.  Minimum length of study of the program is twenty-four months, which equals eight academic terms.

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Dental Hygiene

The dental hygiene curriculum is comprehensive in scope, depth and length, requiring a minimum of two years of dental hygiene core courses.  The sequential integration of the biologic sciences, preclinical labs, and clinical experiences are supported each term by core professional and behavioral courses.

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Administrative Pool

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