By School of Dentistry - February 23, 2011


During its recent (February 10) Alumni Student Convention banquet, the LLU School of Dentistry paid tribute to five faculty members who are either retiring or significantly reducing their involvement with the School.



Dr. Fred Berry

Fred Berry, DDS, professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry, operated a private practice for 23 years before becoming a dental educator. The span of his contribution to dentistry as a teaching professional now matches his 23 years in private practice. In 2006, Dr. Berry received both the Pierre Fauchard Academy Teacher of the Year and the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Teacher of the Year award. He is a regular continuing education presenter at the annual Alumni Student Convention, and he continually receives excellent reviews for his lectures from both students and alumni. Dr. Berry has driven nearly 600,000 miles during his daily commutes from Dana Point to Loma Linda University over the past 23 years. “On behalf of the entire School of Dentistry family,” Dean Charles Goodacre thanked Dr. Berry for his “exceptional commitment to the School of Dentistry.”



Dr. Dan Hall



Dan Hall, DDS, PG’95, associate professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry, is particularly appreciated by alumni of the International Dentist Program for his contributions to their professional training. Dr. Hall has been a faculty member at the School since 1968—a total of 43 years of service. His responsibilities have included section chief for removable prosthodontics, director of the Faculty Dental Office, and director of the International Dentist Program. Dr. Hall has been a significant mentor for student research projects, and in 2007 he received the School of Dentistry Distinguished Service Award in appreciation for his contributions to both the dental profession and dental education. “Dan’s genuine caring manner and commitment to enhancing the education of our students,” Dr. Goodacre noted, “has been quite extraordinary.”

Dr. Bert Lentz

Hilbert Lentz, SD’57, MS’70, assistant professor, Department of Oral Diagnosis, Radiology, and Pathology, a member of the School’s first dental class, has served his alma mater for thirty-one years. The School of Dentistry clinics and students have benefited from Dr. Lentz’s screening expertise, as he examined and diagnosed thousands of new patients who have entered the School’s clinic during his three decades on faculty. Dean Goodacre thanked Dr. Lentz, “for your steadfast services to our patients, faculty, and students; your long-term contributions to the School, and your dedicated support of the Schools motto: Service is Our Calling.”

Dr. George Lessard

George Lessard, PhD, emeritus professor, Dental Education Services, has been the resident biochemistry basic scientist at the School of Dentistry for the past 24 years. In addition to teaching biochemistry, his responsibilities have included being director of research planning, coordinator for the basic sciences through several accreditation cycles, and course director for etiology and management of dental caries. Dental and dental hygiene students alike have benefited from his knowledge of the basic sciences as they are applied to dentistry. In thanking Dr. Lessard “for your services to the basic science and research activities of the School,” Dean Goodacre enumerated “his contributions to numerous University and School committees, including the Admissions Committee, that have created a lasting effect on the School and its alumni.”

Dr. Lane Thomsen

Lane Thomsen, SD’65, MS’74, chair, Department of Oral Diagnosis, Radiology, and Pathology, is just concluding his second ten-year tenure as chair of Oral Diagnosis, Radiology, and Pathology. He has consistently received some of the highest course evaluations from dental and dental hygiene students, including comments such as, “Dr. Thomsen is very good at his job; he makes this class great.” “He is an absolutely wonderful teacher.” And “I love Dr. Thomsen’s sense of humor.” He received the School of Dentistry Distinguished Service Award in 2005 for his outstanding contributions to its education and service commitments. In thanking Dr. Thomsen “for your leadership and service to the School,” Dean Goodacre added, “He is a national continuing education speaker, and a favorite Alumni Student Convention presenter for both hygienists and dentists.”