By School of Dentistry - September 25, 2012

School of Dentistry associate professor of Oral Diagnosis, Radiology and Pathology, Neal Johnson, PhD, SD08, was a guest, September 12, 2012, on the Hope Channels new television program Go Healthy … For Good. Dr. Johnson was a remote guest2,243 miles remote (Dr. Johnson in Redlands, California, the Hope Channel studio in Silver Spring, Maryland).

Dr. Neal Johnson on Go Healthy … For Good

Go Healthy host, Dr. Nerida McKibben, an ObGyn specialist with an interest in lifestyle medicine, discussed with Dr. Johnson and her in-studio guest, Fred Hardinge, DrPH, RD, the health risks involved in the consumption of pop and energy drinks.



Go Healthy … For Good host Dr. Nerida McKibben



Due to a failure of technology, Dr. Johnson had to sit in front of a computer with a web cam to participate in the program using Skype, the software that enables users to communicate over the internet by voice, video, and instant messaging.

Dr. Johnson participates virtually via Skype.

In response to questions posed by the shows host regarding the risks created by the ingestion of soft drinks, sports drinks, and high-energy drinks, Dr. Johnson implicated the acids in most sodascarbonic and citrus especiallythat cause enamel erosion by demineralizing teeth. He said it is the combination of content and frequency of use that causes the perfect storm that results in erosion of the enamel and the cavities that form later as a result of the sugar that is in the drinks that stick to the teeth.

Those damaging drinks

High energy drinks are actually worse than the first two categories, Dr. Johnson said, because they are so acidic … the saliva that is responsible for neutralizing the acid in the mouth often times cannot keep up depending on the frequency of consumption of the energy drinks.

Dr. McKibben and Dr. Johnson dialogue at distance.

Regarding what to do about teeth with damaged or missing enamel, Dr. Johnson discussed the application of veneers or other synthetics that will appear similar to the tooth structure so that people will have their smile again.

Go Healthy … For Good
is produced and broadcast by Hope Channel North America each evening, Monday through Thursday at 7 pm EST. In North America, Go Healthy … For Good, is carried on DIRECTV, which has a subscription to one in six households in North America19 million households with a potential viewing audience of nearly 60 million. It is also broadcast globally live via satellite on Hope Channel International in Europe, Australasia, India and Africa.

The Go Healthy … For Good segment on which Dr. Johnson appeared can be seen by clicking here.