By School of Dentistry - May 18, 2010

Nine LLUSD dental and three dental hygiene student research teams entered their projects in the California Dental Association research competition at the Anaheim Convention Center May 13-16 and won nine of the sixteen available awards.

The Loma Linda students’ awards—three first, three second and one third (and two honorable mentions)—were worth $6,100 of the total $9,200 awarded in scholarships and cash.

Scholarships, prizes, and plaques were available to dental student researchers in three categories: Scientific, Community/Education, and Clinical. The School’s dental student teams won first-place honors in two of three categories (Scientific and Community/Education); second-place honors in all three categories; third place in one category (Clinical); and honorable mention in two categories (Scientific and Community/Education).

Dental hygiene awards were combined into one category of which an LLUSD student team won first place.

LLUSD’s winning teams of student researchers are pictured below:

Bryce Chun, Larina Chu, Michael Hiersche
1st place, Scientific Category: Electromechanical Luxation: An Application of Dynamic Loading in the Tooth Extraction  
Mentors: Dr. Mei Lu, Dr. Alan Herford


Sophia Sellas, Jeri Bullock, Christie Pogue
2nd place, Scientific Category: In-vitro Comparison of Various Torque Drivers in Implant Prosthodontics
Mentors: Dr. Jaime Lozada, Dr. Mei Lu



Joohee Oh, Sang Yoo
Honorable Mention, Scientific Cagegory: Changes in Shade
and Glossiness Relative to Changes in pH Found in Bleaching Agent
Mentors: Dr. Sean Lee, Dr. Mei Lu



Filip Orban, Michael Knutson, Scott Arceneaux
1st place, Community/Education Category: A Digital Instruction of Techniques and Principles of Mucoperiosteal Flaps
Mentors: Dr. Mei Lu, Dr. Wayne Tanaka



Michael Sacro, Junie Baldonado, Emilynda Quinones
2nd place, Community/Education Category: Educational DVD of Oral Health care for Children Ages 5-8 Years Old
Mentors: Dr. Wesley Okumura, Dr. Mei Lu



Stephanie Calvillo, Isaac Penalba, Sheida Khazaii-Tabari
Honorable Mention, Community/Education Category: Oral Hygiene during Orthodontic Treatment
Mentors: Dr. Leroy Leggitt, Dr. Mei Lu



Adam Burr, Michael Gilman, Patrick Hachee
2nd place, Clinical Category: The Association between Caries Risk Assessment Levels and Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Levels
Mentors: Dr. Brian Novy, Dr. Mei Lu



Joanne Oh, Christina Chun
3rd place, Clinical Category: Canal Morphology in Mandibular Premolars Using Cone Beam Tomography
Mentors: Dr. David Jaramillo, Dr. Mei Lu



Stacy Stroup, Lauren Stewart
1st place, Dental Hygiene Category: Uptake of Fluoride Foam: A Laboratory Study on Human Enamel
Mentors: Dr. Wu Zhang, Ms. Joni Stephens