By Douglas Hackleman - July 13, 2018

Twenty-six LLUSD students—10 class of 2019 dentistry, 6 class of 2018 dentistry, 1 class of 2020 dentistry and nine class of 2018 dental hygiene—received a remarkable seven awards and one honorary mention in table clinic competition during the 2018 annual meetings of the California Dental Association and California Dental Hygiene Association meetings in Anaheim May 16-19.

Dental student participants gather with Dr. Kwon and three advisors, Dr. Clyde Roggenkamp, Dr. Min Wang and Mr. Udo Oyoyo. Standing (L-R): Kirsty Roggenkamp, Krystal Park, Dr. Clyde Roggenkamp, Sarah Lee, Dr. Min Wang, Reza Parhizkar, Christina Chi, Nicholas Poovey, Nicholas Wright, Eunice Jong, Trent Gillard, Nadia Barakat, Chanica Veranunt, Phillip Ha, Dr. So Ran Kwon, Claudie Pascal, Anna Chavez, Kristina Fernandez, Mr. Udo Oyoyo, Jenifer Jesson, Kristen Schwieterman, (kneeling): Brian Choi, Jae Chung, Rodrigo Robles Cardenas, Michael Chan, Alex Zaykov

Led by So Ran Kwon, DDS, MS, PhD, MS, director, Student Research, and with the encouragement of 10 advisors, the School’s student researchers took first place in three of four categories—Original Research (DH), Clinical Category (DDS), Scientific Category (DDS) as well as a second-place Community Category award (DDS), two third place awards (Clinical and Scientific), and an honorable mention in the Community Category.

Dr. Kwon is understandably pleased with the performance of the LLUSD student researchers: “Our school has always been a vanguard in creating an environment that fosters student research opportunities. This year’s success would have not been possible without strong support from LLUSD administration, the dedication and commitment of mentors, and the passion of our student researchers!“

Photos of the School’s participants and a list of their research projects advisors follow.

Dentistry, Clinical Category, 1st place: “Effect of Disinfection on Two Elastomeric Impression Materials Over Time” L-R (center): Trent Gillard and Alexander Zaykov are bracketed by Natasha A. Lee, DDS, president, CDA, and Mark J. Romanelli, DDS, Chair, CDA Presents Board of Managers.
Dentistry, Clinical Category, 3rd place: “Evaluation of Surface Roughness after Brushing with Charcoal Containing Dentifrices.” L-R (center): Kristen Schwieterman, Claudie Pascal, Jenifer Jesson, and Anna Chavez stand with Drs. Lee and Romanelli.
Dentistry, Scientific Category, 1st place: “Effect of UV Light Activation on Oxidation Potential of Titanium-oxide Nanofibers Compared to Nanoparticles.” Drs. Lee and Romanelli present Christina Chi with her award.
Dentistry, Scientific Category, 3rd place: “Amalgam Strength Resistance to Various Contaminants.” L-R): Brian Choi, Anthony Pham (not shown), Rodrigo Robles Cardenas, Jae Chung, and Reza Parhizkar pose with Drs. Lee and Romanelli.
Dentistry, Community Category, 2nd place: “Ten-Year Retrospective Review of Pulpotomies and Indirect Pulp Capping in Primary Teeth.” L-R): Chanica Veranunt, Phillip Ha, and Nadia Barakat with Drs. Lee and Romanelli
p class="item_photo_caption">Dentistry, Community Category, Honorary Mention: “Trends in Patient Presentation with Implant Failure to the Emergency Department between 2008 and 2014.” Left and third from left: Kristina Fernandez and Eunice Jong receive their plaque from Drs. Lee and Romanelli.
Standing (L-R): Brett McKean, Taylor Ewert, Bonnie Smith, Taylor Bray, Taylor Gustavsson, Hailey Hofmann, Rachelle Andra, Mohammed Shaikh (seated) L-R: Lauren White, Dr. So Ran Kwon, Brianna Melgar, and Tery Lopez.
Dental hygiene, Original Research Category, 1st place: “Unveiling the Power of Charcoal Containing Toothpaste.” L-R: Tery Lopez, Rachelle Andra, Brett McKean, Mohammed Shaikh, Justin Sung (not shown)
Dental hygiene, Original Research Category, 2nd place: “Patient Perception of Fluoride Education and Use.” L-R: Taylor Ewert, Brianna Melgar, Lauren White, Hailey Hofmann

Research advisors

  • Jung-Wei Chen, DDS, MS, PhD, MS, program director, Advanced Specialty Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry
  • So Ran Kwon, DDS, MS, PhD, MS, director, Student Research, LLUSD
  • Kevin Nick, PhD, associate professor, School of Medicine
  • Udochukwu Oyoyo, MPH, assistant professor, LLUSD
  • Christopher Perry, PhD, assistant professor, School of Medicine
  • Clyde Roggenkamp, DDS, MSD, associate professor, LLUSD
  • Montry Suprono, DDS, MSD, assistant professor, Center for Dental Research
  • Elvin Walemba, PhD candidate, School of Medicine
  • Min Wang, DDS, MS, Department of Endodontics, School & Hospital of Stomatology, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, China
  • Shelly Withers, BS (DH), MS, associate professor, Department of Dental Hygiene