By School of Dentistry - April 1, 2011

Each annual Alumni Student Convention is the occasion for School of Dentistry Alumni Association board member transitions.

Six of the twenty-one board members completed three-year terms in February and were replaced by six new members whose terms of service will conclude in 2014.

Lewis Cox, SD’83 Ken Fowler, SD’84 Shelley Hayton, DH’82, MAT’10
Kevin Kuniyoshi, SD’97 Gregory Mitchell, SD’84 Nithin Nirmal, IDP’07

Among the six new board members is the 2011 Alumni Association president Gregory Mitchell, SD’84, director, International Dentist Program, who replaced in that office out going president Tom Thompson, SD’60, MS’64.

Kathleen Moore, MHIS, associate dean, Dental Education Support Services and director, School of Dentistry Alumni Association, says, “Working with the Alumni Association Board of Directors is always a pleasure. I have gotten to know several alumni that I didn’t know previously, and developed friendships through these working relationships. Board members give input to the February Alumni Convention activities, decide on the distribution of Annual Fund donations, and participate in various activities at the School of Dentistry. Watching the thought that goes into each individual’s decision as they vote on various actions is very rewarding. I have been blessed by my association with the Board, and the School has been rewarded by the thoughtful actions of this group.”