By Douglas Hackleman - April 5, 2016

For two consecutive years (and three of the last six), each member of the graduating classes of the LLUSD International Dentistry Program has passed either the Western Regional Exam Board (WREB) or the North East Regional Board (NERB) on their first attempt.

The triumphant IDP class of 2016 poses with program director Dr. Mark Estey (center with tan coat) and Denise Layne, IDP senior administrative secretary (to his right in pink sweater).

The overall national WREB first time pass rate is typically just above 80 percent.

Gratified IDP program director, Mark Estey, DDS’98, remarks how “truly proud” he is of the IDP class of 2016. “The time and effort they have invested in the program has bettered their skills,” and, given their board results, “has really paid off.” Dr. Estey “hopes the same desire for learning remains with this graduating class for the rest of their lives, and that they experience God’s blessings throughout their careers.”

As usual, the IDP graduating class is an exemplar of diversity, with 24 graduating dentists from 13 countries—represented by 13 women and 11 men.

IDP class of 2016 by countries of origin

1 Brazil
1 China
1 Columbia
1 Germany

1 Haiti
5 India
5 Iran
4 Iraq

1 Jordan
1 Mexico
1 Moldova
1 Syria
1 Ukraine

IDP’s 2016 class representatives are Sukhman Panag and Nataliya Vorobets. One class of 2016 member, Amir Mossadegh, will remain at LLUSD to take the School’s Advanced Education Program in Implant Dentistry.

The School’s IDP program has come a long way since it first graduated three students in 1987.