By Anonymous - May 8, 2012

The following list of dental students from the class of 2012 achieved Academic Excellence Awards for their scores on the National Board Part II examination. The award is based on a score that is one standard deviation above the national mean. The Gold Award is reserved for those who exceeded the national mean by that margin on both National Board Part I and Part II.

Academic Excellence Gold

          Vanessa N. Browne
          John M. Chae
          Daniel W. Schlieder
          Morse E. Stonecypher

Academic Excellence Silver

     For National Board, Part II

          Jennifer Cross
          Michael Duvall


For National Board, Part I

          Chung-how R. Chen
          Jae S. Kim
          Allyson J. Kim
          Alex J. Matosian
          Daniel E. Niemann
          Andrew S. Taylor
          Mark J. Wierenga