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International Dentist Program, DDS

The Office of Admissions at LLUSD is moving toward  a paperless process.  Please do not send any documents other than those listed below.

The International Dentist Program is designed to allow qualified dentists educated in countries outside the United States, to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in the United States.

The DDS degree from a U.S. dental college is an educational requirement for eligibility to take the dental licensure examination in many states. The program has a minimum length of two academic years, but may be extended, when necessary, to meet the needs of a particular student. Students take classes in the disciplines of dentistry and receive extensive clinical experience. Students are provided with the opportunity to serve the dental health needs of the local community through off–site clinical rotations.

Admission Requirements

  • Demonstrate an acceptable speaking and reading knowledge of English.
  • Be a graduate of a recognized dental school outside of the U.S.
  • Have passed Part I and Part II of the National Dental Board Examination (NDBE) administered by the American Dental Association.
  • TOEFL examination (minimum 550 written, 213 computer, minimum 20 in each area on the internet–based test)

How to Apply

Submit your application to the Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists (ADEA CAAPID) between March and July 1st.  Please be advised that CAAPID applications take up to 4 weeks to be processed before they are sent to the dental schools.  For priority consideration, CAAPID, LLU application and all required documents must arrive at the Office of Admissions by the July 1st deadline. Transcripts and all other admission documents sent to LLU become the property of LLU.

For application apply online at http://www.adea.org/CAAPIDapp/.

After your CAAPID application is received by LLUSD, a supplemental application invitation will be emailed to you.

Based on the review of a completed supplemental application, transcripts, board scores and recommendations, you may be invited to LLUSD for dexterity and case study testing, with fee. Based on dexterity and case study testing results you may be invited to interview.

Dexterity Testing Notice

Application Requirements

Official Documents – to be considered official, documents MUST be mailed directly from the issuing institutions to:
        Loma Linda University
        Admissions Processing
        Loma Linda, CA 92350

  • Official transcripts and diploma or certificate with English translations mailed to LLU directly by the dental university attended. If you received your dental education in India your transcripts must be sent directly from the University and not the dental school college.
  • Official Foreign educational credential evaluation report (course by course evaluation) mailed directly from ECE, WES, or AACRAO; links to these websites available at www.llu.edu/apply/intltrans.html.
  • Official score report of the National Dental Board Examination, Part I and Part II (School code #10) mailed directly from ADA.
  • Official score report of the TOEFL exam (School code #4062) mailed directly from ETS.
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from former teachers or mentors who can attest to applicant’s character, conduct, and professional ability. (Can be sent through CAAPID or electronically through the supplemental application).
  • A recent passport size photograph (uploaded through your supplemental application).

Non-English language documents must be submitted in their original language along with an English translation.To be considered, CAAPID and LLU applications and all required documents must arrive at the School of Dentistry, Admissions Office, by the July 1 deadline. All material sent to Loma Linda University becomes property of the Program.


All classes are conducted in English, and patients treated in the clinic communicate in English. Applicants must demonstrate competence in both written and spoken English.

What makes LLUSD's IDP program special?

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Family atmosphere
  • Faith-based university
  • Parallel yet seperate course of study in comparison to traditional DDS program
  • Program uniquely tailored to the international student
  • High volume and broad range of clinical experience
  • Faculty with extensive clinical experience


Q: How long is the program?
A: The program is a total of 24 months.

Q: What does the program entail didactically and clinically?
A: The first two quarters are a comprehensive update of the first two years of dental school. Classes are given in the various disciplines of dentistry to achieve competency. The remainder of the program is focused on patient care.

Q: How many people are accepted?
A: 20–24 students are accepted each year. The program begins in the spring quarter.

Q: Can you work while you are in the program?
A: No. This is a full time program.

Q: Are there any types of scholarships or financial aid available?
A: Financial aid is available to US citizens. Loma Linda does not offer any scholarships.

Entering Students

A student accepted into the International Dentist Program must submit a deposit to Loma Linda University. Students must also pay for two quarters of tuition in advance. For students eligible for government sponsored financial aid programs, only the first quarter’s tuition is required. Living expenses vary, depending on the student’s lifestyle. Generally, the living expenses range from $1,000–$1,800 (or more) per month.

International Students

Students applying for or holding F–1 U.S. Student Visas are required by U.S. immigration regulation to secure sufficient funds for their first year’s tuition and fees and provide documentary evidence of sufficient funds for their second year.

Financial Aid

A financial aid advisor and financial aid programs are available, please contact 909–558–4509 or email finaid@llu.edu. Website information can be located at www.llu.edu/ssweb/finaid.

Additional Information

Estimated Student Expenses

IDP consists of 8 consecutive Academic Quarters, thus is considered a 2-year program (IDP 3 and IDP 4). In order to accommodate scheduling of classes to provide the best possible training, the IDP sessions begin in Spring Quarter (March-June).

In reviewing the expenses for the International Dentist Program (IDP 3 budget - IDP 4 budget ), it is most important that the student realize and take into consideration the following:

- The Academic Year for LLU as a whole begins with the Summer Quarter (and consists of the subsequent Winter, Fall, and Spring Quarters). Thus IDP’s first session, Spring Quarter (March-June 2011), is at the end of an LLU Academic Year. The subsequent IDP sessions fall in the next LLU Academic Year (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters), and the remaining sessions in the third LLU Academic Year (Summer, Fall, Winter).

- The span of IDP sessions over 3 LLU Academic Years is critical when applying for financial aid as lenders award funds according to Academic Year budgets.
For assistance please contact Financial Aid at 909-558-4509 or by email at finaid@llu.edu.

Contact Information

Office of Admissions
11092 Anderson Street Room 5503
Loma Linda, CA 92350

Disclaimer: The School reserves the right to modify or change admission standards or requirements at any time without prior notice and effective immediately. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not create any agreement or understanding or establish any rights or responsibilities whatsoever between LLU School of Dentistry and any student or prospective student.