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Spiritual Life & Diversity

Spiritual Life & Diversity

Spiritual Life guidance and Diversity counseling are available to encourage the spiritual and interpersonal journeys of students, faculty, staff, and patients on the assumption that patient care and academic progress thrive under personal wholeness and health. In an environment that focuses intently on academic excellence and optimal patient care, the School of Dentistry ensures that students, faculty, and staff have opportunities to pursue personal growth.

2016-2017 Spiritual Leaders:
ASDA Spiritual Guidance Chair – Timothy Prewitt
D4 Spiritual VP – Timothy Prewitt
D3 Spiritual VP – Elaine Bersaba
D2 Spiritual VP – Steven Haddad
D1 Spiritual VP - Amenda St. Hilaire
DH Sr Spiritual VP – Signe Anderson
DH Jr Spiritual VP - Brianna Melgar

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Spiritual Life

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