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LLUSD student researchers win big at CDA

Nine LLUSD dental and three dental hygiene student research teams entered their projects in the California Dental Association research competition at the Anaheim Convention Center May 13-16 and won nine of the sixteen available awards.

The Loma Linda students’ awards—three first, three second and one third (and two honorable mentions)—were worth $6,100 of the total $9,200 awarded in scholarships and cash.

Scholarships, prizes, and plaques were available to dental student researchers in three categories: Scientific, Community/Education, and Clinical. The School’s dental student teams won first-place honors in two of three categories (Scientific and Community/Education); second-place honors in all three categories; third place in one category (Clinical); and honorable mention in two categories (Scientific and Community/Education).

Dental hygiene awards were combined into one category of which an LLUSD student team won first place.

LLUSD’s winning teams of student researchers are pictured below:

Bryce Chun, Larina Chu, Michael Hiersche
1st place, Scientific Category: Electromechanical Luxation: An Application of Dynamic Loading in the Tooth Extraction  
Mentors: Dr. Mei Lu, Dr. Alan Herford


Sophia Sellas, Jeri Bullock, Christie Pogue
2nd place, Scientific Category: In-vitro Comparison of Various Torque Drivers in Implant Prosthodontics
Mentors: Dr. Jaime Lozada, Dr. Mei Lu



Joohee Oh, Lily Cha, Sang Yoo
Honorable Mention, Scientific Cagegory: Changes in Shade
and Glossiness Relative to Changes in pH Found in Bleaching Agent
Mentors: Dr. Sean Lee, Dr. Mei Lu



Filip Orban, Michael Knutson, Scott Arceneaux
1st place, Community/Education Category: A Digital Instruction of Techniques and Principles of Mucoperiosteal Flaps
Mentors: Dr. Mei Lu, Dr. Wayne Tanaka



Michael Sacro, Junie Baldonado, Emilynda Quinones
2nd place, Community/Education Category: Educational DVD of Oral Healthcare for Children Ages 5-8 Years Old
Mentors: Dr. Wesley Okumura, Dr. Mei Lu



Stephanie Calvillo, Isaac Penalba, Sheida Khazaii-Tabari
Honorable Mention, Community/Education Category: Oral Hygiene during Orthodontic Treatment
Mentors: Dr. Leroy Leggitt, Dr. Mei Lu



Adam Burr, Michael Gilman, Patrick Hachee
2nd place, Clinical Category: The Association between Caries Risk Assessment Levels and Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Levels
Mentors: Dr. Brian Novy, Dr. Mei Lu



Joanne Oh, Christina Chun
3rd place, Clinical Category: Canal Morphology in Mandibular Premolars Using Cone Beam Tomography
Mentors: Dr. David Jaramillo, Dr. Mei Lu



Stacy Stroup, Lauren Stewart
1st place, Dental Hygiene Category: Uptake of Fluoride Foam: A Laboratory Study on Human Enamel
Mentors: Dr. Wu Zhang, Ms. Joni Stephens 


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