DH Jr President: Sean Hsu
DH Sr President: Alexis Lemmon
D1 President: Christopher Chan
D2 President: Jerdie Ale
D3 President: Justin McAuliffe
D4 President: Austin Owen
IDP3 President: Ambrose Obhade
IDP4 President: Sam Jameel

Leadership: Presidents of D1, D2, D3, D4, IDP3, IDP4, DH Junior, and DH Senior classes.

Election:  Annual – by class (facilitated by LLUSD Office of Student Affairs).

Terms of Reference (General):

  • To represent class interests on the Sectional Coordinating Committee (SCC).
  • To represent class interests at national, state, or regional activities (if applicable).
  • To represent class interests on LLU committees (if applicable).
  • To represent class interests on LLUSD committees (if applicable).
  • To meet and conduct the business for each class.
  • To administer the budget and / or financial operations for each class.
  • To coordinate the calendar of each class with the master LLU – ASDA calendar whenever appropriate.
  • To meet with other professional associations to share interests, ideas, goals, strategies and to avoid overlap of responsibilities and/or information, and to justify such an overlap (if applicable).
  • To conduct class activities in accord with LLU and LLUSD policies.
  • To conduct class activities to contribute to LLU – ASDA mission and goals.

Terms of Reference (Specific):

  • Each class prioritizes and operates its social, recreational, professional, and spiritual-life activities.


  • Each class is supported by its own fund-raising or donations.
  • LLUSD administration forwards student dues to classes. Each class receives the same dollar amount per class member.
  • Each class administers is financial operations.
  • Each class reports to LLU – ASDA on budget and financial activities.
  • Each class may petition LLU – ASDA for additional financial assistance.


  • Each class sets meeting schedules.
  • Committee minutes are recorded.

Leadership Development and Mentoring:

  • Classes are encouraged to initiate leadership development by engaging students at all levels of leadership.
  • Faculty and or Alumni mentors are recommended.