Chair: Theresa Baldwin

ASC: Gaetan Tchamba, Theresa Baldwin, Morgan Steely (left to right)

Leadership:  Chair-person and other officers as required.

Election:  Annual – Chair is voted in by EC then confirmed by SCC, remaining members will be appointed by chair.

Terms of Reference (General):

  • To represent ASC interests on the Sectional Coordinating Committee (SCC).
  • To represent ASC at national, state, or regional activities (if applicable).
  • To represent ASC on LLU committees (if applicable).
  • To represent ASC on LLUSD committees (if applicable).
  • To meet and conduct the business for ASC.
  • To administer the budget and / or financial operations for ASC.
  • To coordinate the ASC calendar with the master LLU – ASDA calendar whenever appropriate.
  • To meet with other professional associations to share interests, ideas, goals, strategies and to avoid overlap of responsibilities and/or information, and to justify such an overlap (if applicable).
  • To conduct ASC activities in accord with LLU and LLUSD policies.
  • To conduct ASC activities to contribute to LLU – ASDA mission and goals.

Terms of Reference (Specific):

  • ASC prioritizes and operates the social and recreational activities for the students (e.g. golf tournament, ‘Tofurkey’ bowl, PSR type connection and morale building activities).


  • ASC supported by fund-raising, donations or allocations.
  • LLUSD administration forwards student dues to LLU – ASDA for ASC.
  • ASC administers its financial operations.
  • ASC is accountable to LLU – ASDA on budget and financial activities.
  • ASC may petition LLU – ASDA for additional financial assistance.'


  • ASC sets meeting schedules. Committee minutes are recorded.

Leadership Development and Mentoring:

  • ASC is encouraged to initiate leadership development by engaging students at all stages of their programs.
  • Faculty and or Alumni mentors are recommended.