The student government receives counsel from the Sectional Coordinating Committee (SCC). The meetings of the SCC are at the call of the Executive Council President but should be held at least once per quarter.

The terms of reference of the SCC are defined by the following:

  • The SCC reports to and coordinates student activities on behalf of the Executive Council.
  • Sections operate autonomously but are not independent of the student governance mission and goals defined by LLU ASDA terms of reference.
  • Sections are accountable to the Executive Council.
  • The SCC is composed of the chairs of each individual section
  • Chairs are voted in by the EC from a pool of nominees from within via applications.

Members of each section are then appointed by the section chair with the exception of positions requiring election.


  1. Members of the Executive Council may be Ex-Officio on the SCC.
  2. Other members of the SCC are as follows;
    1. Senior representatives of approved student organizations.
    2. Class Presidents.
    3. Chairs of remaining Sections.


  1. Professional Association
  2. Class Representation
  3. ASDA Social Committee
  4. Professional Ethics
  5. Spiritual Guidance
  6. Professional Enrichment
  7. Foundation for Worldwide Health Students
  8. Financial Assistance