The 10-month sessions (two days per month) also help prepare participants to take the written portion of the AAID Associate Fellow Membership Examination. The didactic portion of the course includes information for beginning, intermediate, and advanced clinicians in implant dentistry who wish to expand their knowledge in this field.

The program is designed to take its participants systematically through the options learning approach of implant dentistry provides.

Starting with basic concepts, diagnosis, treatment planning, dental implant surgery, and implant prosthodontics, attendees develop sequential treatment plans on their own patients and participate in performing surgeries with the assistance of experienced faculty members and residents of the Advanced Education Program in Implant Dentistry.

Attendees also experience hands-on workshops during which procedures such as cone-beam imaging analysis, simulated patient-based dental implant surgery on life-like mannequins, and guided-bone regeneration procedures on cadavers and pig jaws complete their understanding of basic and advanced dental surgical procedures.