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1965J. Raymond Wahlen, SD'57
1968Douglas A. Bixel, SD'63
1973John O. Neufeld, DDS
1974Edward P. Johnston, SD'64
1975W. Eugene Rathbun, SD'65
1976Jack R. Booker, SD'60
1977James M. Crawford, SD'60
1978Robert L. Kinzer, SD'58
1979Marlene M. Schultz, SD'65
1980Erwin A. McDonald, SD'61
1981Arthur D. Garner, SD'64
1982John P. DeVincenzo, SD'64
1983Vernon S. Eddlemon, SD'60
1984William H. Heisler, SD'59
1985Alden B. Chase, SD'60
1986Donald L. Peters, SD'61
1987John P. Lehman, SD'62
1988Joni Ehrler Stephens, DH'69
1989Anthony Theodorou, SD'64
1990Thor C. Bakland, SD'62
1991Robert Lavern Lee, SD'62
1992Peter C. Nelson, SD'70
1993Robert A. James, SD'72
1994Dan E. Fischer, SD'74
1995Larry D. Day, SD'69
1996Charles J. Goodacre, SD'71
1997Wil Nation, SD '76
1998Ronald E. Forde, SD'83
1999Gerald E. Weitz, SD'74
2000Mark James Carpenter, SD'80
2001Judson Klooster, DDS
Arlene Klooster, DH '71
2002Leif K. Bakland, SD'63

Distinguished Alumnus Award

2002Dan Fischer, SD'74
Curtis Wiggins, SD'74
2003Gerald E. Denehy, SD '68, MS
2004Michael P.Boyko, SD'75A
2005Raymond D. Rawson, SD '68, MA
2006Douglass B. Roberts, SD '66, MS
2007Eric Herbranson, SD '70, MS '73
2008Clelan Ehrler, SD '68, MS '71
2009Thomas C. Rogers, SD '83, MPH '96
2010John Milford Anholm, DDS, MS '62
2011Carlton Lofgren, SD '61
2012William J. Emmerson, SD '80, MS '82
2013Steven G. Morrow, SD '60, MS '87
2014Lane C. Thomsen, SD'65, MS'74

If you would like to suggest a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry as a possible candidate for the Distinguished Alumnus Award, please contact the dental alumni office at:

LLU School of Dentistry
Alumni Association
Loma Linda, California 92350
Phone: (909) 558-4399
Fax: (909) 558-4858
Email: jlfowler@llu.edu