Student of the Year

School of Dentistry Alumni Association

K. Wilkins, K. McNeil

Kris Wilkins, DH'80, associate chair of the dental hygiene department, presents the Dental Hygiene Student of the Year award to Kellie McNeil at the Dental Hygienists & Assistants Homecoming luncheon.

Kellie McNeil, dental hygiene senior, was named Dental Hygiene Student of the Year, 2002 during the Dental Hygiene and Assistants Homecoming luncheon on February 8. The award is given to a senior dental hygiene student who embodies the attributes of the ideal student. Ms. McNeil is a leader who is intuitive, organized, and cheerful. In the clinic, she relates well to her patients and shows a genuine caring spirit for their well-being.

She is dedicated to the dental hygiene program and models the attributes of a professional--a positive attitude and compassion toward her patients, peers, and faculty.

The inscription on her plaque reads: "Kellie McNeil - who represents the highest quality of excellence in a student. Her enthusiastic spirit, professional attitude, and willingness to go beyond what is expected will make her highly valued as a dental hygienist."