Student of the Year

School of Dentistry Alumni Association - dental hygiene student of the year

M. Heyde, D. Peura
Marilynn Heyde, DH '74 presents the 2003 dental hygiene student of the year award to Dianna Peura of the class of 2003 during the dental hygiene and assistants homecoming luncheon.

Prior to announcing Dianna as the recipient of the dental hygiene student of the year, Marilynn gave this introduction:

"The student of the year award is given to the senior dental hygiene student who embodies the attributes of the ideal student. This year, we are recognizing a very mature young woman with a promising future. In the classroom, she is intuitive, cheerful, and an organized student. In clinic, she relates exceptionally well to her patients and shows a genuine caring spirit for their well-being. This student has volunteered in the pet therapy program at Chapman Convalescent Hospital. This program provides company and emotional support for the patients through animals. 'I witness how the animals touch them in such a dear way and realize how I am touched spiritually.'

As she wrote in her essay for dental hygiene: Even as a little girl I had a natural fascination with teeth. Whenever I lost a tooth, I would promptly wash and polish it to ensure it would be perfect for the tooth fairy