Alumni Video Contest

Your LLUSD alma mater would like to showcase your videography and storytelling skills.
We encourage you to submit an entry to the School of Dentistry alumni video contest! Whether or not you’ll be able to attend Homecoming 2020, we would love to showcase your videos that include, but are not limited to, stories about enhancing the community you serve, patients describing how you changed their lives, mission trip adventures, how you chose your profession, why you chose LLUSD, how you learned you’d been accepted into the dentistry or dental hygiene program, or favorite memories of your years at LLU School of Dentistry.

Submission Information:

Video creators do not have to attend the March 2020 homecoming reception to win. Long-distance submissions are encouraged.

  • A link to your public YouTube or vimeo video must be emailed to by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 21, 2020, to be considered for the contest. Submissions must include the name and class year of submitting alumni, the video title, and a contact phone number.
  • All video creator(s) and any individuals featured in their videos must complete LLUH Authorization and Consent forms.  When a video link is received, the Authorization and Consent form PDF will be emailed to the video’s creator with instructions on how to fill the form correctly.

Contest Rules:

  • Videos must be between one and three minutes in length. Videos over three minutes will not qualify. 
  • Content must be original. Commercial (copyrighted or trademarked) content will disqualify the submission. 
  • Videos may be produced by as many as four people, so long as all producers are LLUSD alumni. Prizes will be awarded per video, not per team member; and each producer (or production team) may submit only one video. 
  • Once submitted, the video becomes joint property between the video producer(s) and Loma Linda University. Winning videos will be posted on the School’s website, social media channels, and may be used at public events.
  • Video must be in English OR include English subtitles (or both).
  • Finalists will be judged by a faculty/staff/student panel on the following attributes:
    • Originality, creativity, and quality
    • Suitability for distribution by LLU School of Dentistry and the extent to which it reflects LLUSD’s mission—To make man whole and motto—Service is our calling.
    • Video submission genre or style may be dramatic, documentary, comedy, testimonial, animation, etc., so long as the content and language appropriately reflect the ethos of the School of Dentistry and LLUH.


Winners will be announced at the School of Dentistry Homecoming reception on Friday, March 6, 2020, and the first-place video will be shown to attendees at that time. The first-place video will also be shown on May 15 at the LLU School of Dentistry alumni reception during the “CDA Presents” Anaheim conference.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Krista Weymar at or 909-651-5563.