Welcome to the third Homecoming: Alumni Student Convention

Change is inevitable, and mostly good. The School’s Alumni Student Convention ran for years in largely the same format. Feedback on the Convention was it was stale and old-school and stakeholder support tangibly demonstrated it. So new ideas and plans began popping up, one of those ideas being one homecoming for all alumni. Dr. Richard Hart and all eight schools were intrigued and joined in for a cohesive,collaborative Homecoming.
While Homecoming is a really good idea, many of you gave Kathleen Moore of our alumni office and me lots of feedback and ideas on how it was not hitting the mark and needed improvement. We listened, and heard that you want more (much more!) dentistry-specific programs, hands-on activities, and cutting edge material. The 2019 One Homecoming: Alumni Student Convention brings back the scientific sessions and adds several hands-on activities.
I hope you will join me for the School of Dentistry Alumni, Faculty and Students reception on Friday evening. We’ve worked out some kinks and continue to work on others and promise you lots more food and fellowship this year!
Please take a look at the schedule and join us and your fellow alumni for the 2019 One Homecoming: Alumni Student Convention. Give us more feedback and more ideas. When the School of Dentistry administration and staff work together with you, our alumni, we can continue to tweak, hone and improve our programs.

I look forward to seeing you this coming spring.

Robert Handysides, DDS
Dean, School of Dentistry