1994 Alumnus of the Year Award

D. Fischer

Spanning twenty-eight years to date, the distinguished and ongoing career of Dan Fischer, DDS, has ripened substantially from its humble beginnings in the cramped family living spaces where he and his family worked endless hours developing the first innovative concepts that eventually matured into the highly successful, international corporation, Ultradent Products. The remarkable vision and commitment of Dr. Fischer to progressive, effectual dentistry compelled him forward from his graduation from Loma Linda University to become a pioneer in the dental field.

Of equal distinction has been Dr. Fischer's unwavering belief in the virtue of humanity and his many acts of service. In the year 2001, Ultradent Products Inc. donated over $22,000 to charitable causes in addition to the many services provided by Dr. Fischer's own private practice. This same personal interest to improve the quality of life for others led Dr. Fischer to establish his nonprofit organization, Smiles Against Hate, which works to foster respect, acceptance, and understanding between people of different racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.