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Dental Hygiene

Established in 1959, the Department of Dental Hygiene, the undergraduate program of the School of Dentistry, is largely concerned with preventive oral health services and maintenance care. Dental science courses, preclinical lectures and seminars, laboratory exercises, and clinical assignments have been developed to provide training in the variety of procedures delegated to the dental hygienist within the dental practice setting. These experiences are sequenced in an organized manner that provides for continual growth and competency in performance of all traditional and expended-function procedures.

The purpose of the program is to develop professionals prepared for the current practice of dental hygiene, as well as graduates who are additionally prepared to deal with future changes in dentistry. Courses that encourage analytical thinking and problem-solving techniques and that enhance the ability to evaluate the latest in research are important adjuncts to clinical training. Upon completion of this curriculum, graduates will be prepared to enter a variety of career options available to a dental hygienist.